Stay Curious: Week In Design

Today, in class, we discussed the topic of “staying curious” or “staying creative” and ways to do so.

[Those go hand in hand too…because in order to stay creative, I believe you must stay curious.

Because if you’re not curious to create something new…you won’t have motivation to spark creativity.]

They listed little steps we can take as designers to do so: like sitting in a different seat everyday, etc.

The best part, however, were the games they introduced.

Little group drawing games that challenge your mind to just stay…creative.

I think that’s INCREDIBLY important for an artist and designer.

In order to CREATE…you must be CREATive.

And in order to be a good designer, your mind has to be constantly flowing…with newer ideas, newer layouts, themes, content, illustrations, etc.

This video is a great summary of simple ways to stay creative:

It’s also an easy and interesting watch.

It’s also very…




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