HD Project Critique

Below is an overview of the posters I created for the Health Disparities project: (watermarks provided, of course, for the wonderful word wide web)

Just as a quick recap, Lizzie and I wanted to develop posters that brought awareness to the “Funny Nutritional Lies We Tell Ourselves” and remind ECU students (our audience) that there are resources available on campus to teach them how to take control of their health instead of creating excuses for their actions. We both decided to create 3 posters each and, while sharing common themes, display our own style…Mine is very…errr…colorful…and “poppy.” I utilized both illustration and Photoshop to create my results.

Today we had a critique in class and many valuable points were brought to the table.

The most important was the fact that my characters are all girls.

I hadn’t really given this much notice before due to the fact that I was drawing inspiration from Lichtenstein’s pop art movement: WHICH did focus mainly on women.

It is a good note to point out that women aren’t the only subjects that are guilty of these nutritional excuses. Men have their flaws, also. It’s probably nooottttt a great thing to only associate women with this considering the many body issues and self conscious problems many face. It would be a good addition to point out that health issues know no “genders.” I am willing to take on this suggestion and make my series of 3 a series of 4: creating a poster that is directed towards men.

I was also told that the placement of the information on the bottom of the poster might be too monotonous: however, I’d still argue that it isn’t a bad quality for my series. I placed the information there so it would create a sense of continuity and flow. I think it makes the posters look very attractive sitting next to each other. I definitely had tried other placements, but realized that this was the most successful position for the hours, etc.

What I will be working on now will be the new poster addition. This will open up the audience to both females AND males: we did claim the ECU student body as our audience and last time I checked…boys go here too.

Or at least I think they’re boys.


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