End Of The Semester Recap

Today…is my last post.

It’s not only the end of the semester, but I finally have to wrap this up so I can finish my visualization of this blog for my presentation on Wednesday.

I wanted to take the time to discuss what I’ve learned this semester and overview the work I have done.

This class was all about the “process.” As designers, we can’t forget about this first step or EVER skip over it. It’s the basis to a really thorough project. The process, whether it is random sketching, layout planning, reading, drawing, rough drafts, researching, googling, color matching, talking, critiquing…ANYTHING that will get you more prepared for the project at hand. Of course, sometimes, we will have to work through the process at a much quicker pace (we’ll get better with practice…hopefully), but the process should always be there. Plus, researching more about project will not only get you more informed about the product, but could even spark some new ideas or a new wave of creativity. This class spent a lot of time researching about Health Disparities…we spent all of our time dedicated to the process of researching, talking to experts, talking to each other, researching more, etc…and we all came up with all of these great projects that many of us are so dedicated to. This class really allowed us as designers to take our time with process work and discover more than what we saw at the surface.

It allowed us to discover that with process, comes inspiration.

*wink* the title to my blog *wink*








Here’s the work that will be featured in the Junior Review (the amount of pieces are listed beside them)


• Identification Documents= 3
• ECU Ads= 3
• Beer= 3D Models
• Beer Ads= 4
• Junior Review Poster= 1
• Health Disparities Project= 4
• Document= 1


Better get goin’.

Ya know, I’ve never had a blog before.

It’s not so bad. Haha

That’s all folks 🙂


HD Final Update



That’s referring to the poster I added to my series.

I took my classmates’ advice in adding a poster that had a reference to guys. They had suggested things to do with “meatheads” and working out…but I decided to stay on the same track as the others with calories and food references. And whaattt do many college boys like to do in their free time? Drink some ah-kee-hall.

GAAHH, if these people only knew how many calories beer has. It’s a bunch of empty and unnecessary calories.

Plus…its tastes like pee.

But that’s beside the point.

I also fixed my halftone pattern.

Not so checker-boardy anymore.

Overall, I am really proud of myself for the work I’ve done. I’ve worked hard, but mostly, I think it’s a strong concept and I think they’ve turned out pretty successful. There’s a few touch-ups I’d like to make, still, but I feel like I’m definitely coming to the finish line for this project.

Aaaaaand scene.

Stay Curious: Week In Design

Today, in class, we discussed the topic of “staying curious” or “staying creative” and ways to do so.

[Those go hand in hand too…because in order to stay creative, I believe you must stay curious.

Because if you’re not curious to create something new…you won’t have motivation to spark creativity.]

They listed little steps we can take as designers to do so: like sitting in a different seat everyday, etc.

The best part, however, were the games they introduced.

Little group drawing games that challenge your mind to just stay…creative.

I think that’s INCREDIBLY important for an artist and designer.

In order to CREATE…you must be CREATive.

And in order to be a good designer, your mind has to be constantly flowing…with newer ideas, newer layouts, themes, content, illustrations, etc.

This video is a great summary of simple ways to stay creative: http://vimeo.com/24302498

It’s also an easy and interesting watch.

It’s also very…



HD Project Critique

Below is an overview of the posters I created for the Health Disparities project: (watermarks provided, of course, for the wonderful word wide web)

Just as a quick recap, Lizzie and I wanted to develop posters that brought awareness to the “Funny Nutritional Lies We Tell Ourselves” and remind ECU students (our audience) that there are resources available on campus to teach them how to take control of their health instead of creating excuses for their actions. We both decided to create 3 posters each and, while sharing common themes, display our own style…Mine is very…errr…colorful…and “poppy.” I utilized both illustration and Photoshop to create my results.

Today we had a critique in class and many valuable points were brought to the table.

The most important was the fact that my characters are all girls.

I hadn’t really given this much notice before due to the fact that I was drawing inspiration from Lichtenstein’s pop art movement: WHICH did focus mainly on women.

It is a good note to point out that women aren’t the only subjects that are guilty of these nutritional excuses. Men have their flaws, also. It’s probably nooottttt a great thing to only associate women with this considering the many body issues and self conscious problems many face. It would be a good addition to point out that health issues know no “genders.” I am willing to take on this suggestion and make my series of 3 a series of 4: creating a poster that is directed towards men.

I was also told that the placement of the information on the bottom of the poster might be too monotonous: however, I’d still argue that it isn’t a bad quality for my series. I placed the information there so it would create a sense of continuity and flow. I think it makes the posters look very attractive sitting next to each other. I definitely had tried other placements, but realized that this was the most successful position for the hours, etc.

What I will be working on now will be the new poster addition. This will open up the audience to both females AND males: we did claim the ECU student body as our audience and last time I checked…boys go here too.

Or at least I think they’re boys.