HD Project Progress…

After narrowing down our main concept for our Health Disparities project, Lizzie and I have made PROGRESS.

We both decided we are going to create 3 posters each, which share the same common theme, message, and approach.


Here are the three “Funny Lies We Tell Ourselves” I am portraying in my posters:

• “That workout deserves a reward…with whip cream…and chocolate.”

• “On vacation, calories don’t exist.”

• “If you eat it with your fingers…it doesn’t count.”

All 3 are being portrayed with a pop art approach: that is including the color choices and the portrayal of the girl characters, as well.

I’m pulling inspiration from Lichtenstein, however I am not copying the characters from his work; I’m manipulating them in a way that they are my own creation. They are utilized in a sense that helps communicate the chosen theme.


I spent my time today really focusing on the illustrations.

I am aiming to have them complete by tomorrow so I can scan them onto the computer, make them digital, and start adding color, as well as finalizing the layout with typography, etc.

For right now, the size of my posters are 11×17 and are vertical. Lizzie taking on the horizontal layout.


Oh! And we finally did narrow down which programs/locations we are advertising on our posters.

It’s a “Here’s the first step in taking control of your health” kind of tool addition.

The Student Rec Center (both Fall/Spring and Summer hour schedules)

The Wellness Program (hosted by the Rec Center…promotes and provides great tools that are health beneficial)


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