National Geographic: Titanic Cover

Happy Birthday to meeeeee! I love this day 😉

Okay, back to design.

Today I wanted to publish a picture of National Geographic’s new April 2012 cover. It’s not only starring a topic that I’ve always found immensely interesting (the Titanic…WHICH is coming up on its 100th anniversary in April…probably an appropriate cover then), but it also, in my opinion, is very strongly designed. In terms of the graphic, I think it is extremely well placed and developed as it DEFINITELY tells a tragic story and depicts a very scary reality. I LOVE the breaking of the border; it really creates a dynamic composition and it doesn’t feel so stuffed in a traditional rectangle. This break of border is also repeated in the fill of the actual water, which stretches across the top as if the entire page were immersed in the ocean. In reference to the type at the top of the page…I think there is too much. However, I’m not sure how they could even avoid that because there is always mandatory information that HAS to be included AND you wouldn’t want text to really interrupt with the illustration depiction. I do really enjoy the type placed behind the Titanic; although they are partly covered, it is still evident of what it says…especially due to the popularity of the subject. One thing I’m not really fond of…is the yellow border. It’s thick…bright…and it kind of interrupts the overall attitude of the Titanic depiction. However, I guess that’s a usual addition for National Geographic Magazines. For me, it doesn’t sit well with the rest of the color scheme. Yes, it makes the cover stand out…buuutttt I think there are other colors that would have sit much better.

Overall, however, I think this is an effective design and I’m very impressed by the depiction and the handling of the composition.


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