HD Project Process

Lizzie and I have been brainstorming more about our health disparities project.

We’ve narrowed our ideas down to one common theme:

“The Funny Nutritional Lies We Tell Ourselves”

It’s a way to not only provide a laugh, but give a reality smack to people and let them confront these weird excuses that they THINK hold any amount of truth.

Although health disparities aren’t funny, it’s important to look at our audience: College students. We are drawn to light-hearted things and, in a sense, shut down when things get too serious. In a way, we’re the ones that think we’re invincible…telling people, “YOU’RE GONNA DIE IF YOU EAT THAT” might just cause some people to shrug it off or ignore it. It’s something I’m guilty of. Besides…they’re posters. If I saw a poster that said I wasn’t being healthy or making the right choices, I’d say, “THAT POSTER DON’T KNOW ME!!” Maybe with a little better grammar, but definitely around that concept.

So here’s our plan:

Examine and display those nutritional lies we continuously tell ourselves.

Partner that with some REAL facts (short and too the point).

And then accompany it all with another common theme: MAKE TIME FOR YOUR HEALTH, while providing the hours to the Student REC center, Nutritional center, etc. We want to make sure we can accompany our posters with ways in which people can take control of their lives and beat those excuses.

The style? We’re thinking…pop art. It’s colorful, it’s noticeable, and it won’t get lost within the MILLIONS of posters hung around campus…or at least we hope not.


Common excuses.

Well…funny or naiive common excuses.

*”If I put a lot of lettuce and tomatoes on my triple cheeseburger, they’ll essentially cancel out the calories.”

“Dark chocolate is healthfood.”

“If you eat it with your fingers, it doesn’t count.”

“If a cookie is broken…all the calories leak out.”

“Eating while standing burns off calories faster.”

“What do you MEAN there’s no such thing as a Cook Out diet?”

*”I’m on vacay…I left all the calories at home.”

“My daydreams of being skinny always get interrupted by the sound of my chewing” -ee

*”A great workout deserves a great reward…with chocolate…and whip cream.”


Ok, I’ll continue my search for some more later.

We’ve definitely gotten to a great foundation for the project.

Next up: artifact for Monday’s class!


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