Week In Design: My group, the second time around

Our outline of notes and questions for the class discussion:

{Based off of the Just Creative Design Blog: What Makes A Good Logo}

An “effective” logo is…

1. Simple

• Is simple always necessarily the best?

• One of the comments said “a logo should be able to be drawn in the sand with fingers.” Do you agree with this? Does this give non-designers the impression that we don’t work as hard as we do?

• How, as graphic designers, can we approach something detailed and make it simple?

2. Memorable

• What do you think makes a design memorable?

3. Timeless

• What makes a logo timeless? In particular, what makes the Coca-cola logo timeless?

• Do you think Pepsi is really struggling or are they just keeping their image fresh and new?

4. Versatile

• Why is versatility a factor to ALWAYS consider when designing a logo?

5. Appropriate

• Does the logo really need to say what the company does or is it purely for identification?(Top brands that don’t directly SAY what the company does)

*Compare these tips and discuss what’s not working for these “worst of the worst logos


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